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Autumn 2011


Greetings Fellow 82 Tigers,


I trust this letter finds you well. In Chicago the leaves are starting to turn and there is a little more chill in the air so I guess another summer has come and gone. As I do every year, I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on what your class officers have been up to this past year and bring you some exciting news about our upcoming 30th reunion.


Last Spring, members of the class gathered in Princeton to discuss strategic issues facing the class. Among the topics that we discussed were plans for our upcoming 30th reunion (more on that in a second), strategies to increase the breadth of our annual dues collection (more on that in a moment as well), and plans on how best to redesign our class web site. One of the best take-aways from the weekend at Princeton was that we were able to identify three classmates who have agreed to take on the formation of our class community service project. Scott Oostdyk, Suzy Prosapio, and Rockette Woolridge have agreed to shepherd our fledgling program which we will officially launch at our 30th reunion next year.


At out 29th reunion last May a contingent of 82’ers gathered for our annual Class Dinner at the Nassau Club. Besides enjoying a very nice meal we were treated to a financial report from Jenny du Pont, a fun interactive demonstration from Dave Campt, and held a vote on our 30th reunion theme. And the winning theme is –30 ROCKS. With regards to our 30th reunion here is some advance information to get the orange and black blood circulating. First please put the following dates on your calendar: May 31 through June 3rd 2012. Please update your email address on TigerNet and your profile on our website www.tiger82.com. The website will be the main vehicle to drive registration and to coordinate all reunion related information. You will not be able to register for Reunions if your email address is not updated on TigerNet.
We hope to open early registration in Mid-November so keep your eyes peeled for important information that we will be sending out to you. I am told that there are still some key committee posts open so if you are interested in getting involved please let email Julia Cloud Sandor at jcloud82@gmail.com.


As we ramp up to Reunions, please join us at one of our regional cocktail parties the first of which will take place in NYC Thursday, November 10th.  And finally please join us for a class tailgate prior to the Yale-Princeton football game at DeNuzio Circle on November 12th from 9:30am to Noon.


Moving on, I would also like to acknowledge the great work that your annual giving team has done this past year. We closed out the 2010-11 Annual Giving with: 61.6% participation!! This exceeded our overall class goal and topped last year’s admirable performance by over two dozen gifts. The class achieved a level of participation that has been exceeded in only two other years to date, our first after graduation and our 25th . In addition we had a higher participation rate than any other non-major Reunion class from 1973 through 2000. And last, but certainly not least, we won the Locomotive Challenge by bringing in more donors during the month of May (195) from any non-major classes in our age bracket—1979-1984.

All in we raised over $400,000 to fund financial aid on behalf of students in need and new programs on behalf of the entire University community. A heroic shout-out to our class, and the entire AG team of tireless volunteers, for giving back with ferocious feline generosity to Princeton!

As always, this letter accompanies the annual class dues appeal. I join our class treasurer, Jenny Young du Pont, in thanking you for your tremendous support of the dues program over the years. I realize that we are in the midst of difficult economic times but, considering that the Class uses the funds raised from dues to pay for your subscription to the PAW, fund activities through out the year, including our regional events, and underwrite all of the other services that the class provides to class members, it is still one of the better values you will find. This year we are going to implement a new dues structure that will hopefully allow all of us to participate at a level that we are comfortable with. The three tiers will be "Sustaining” - $40, "Leadership” - $82 and "Green” - $200 (covering your dues for 5 years).  I ask everyone to consider making your commitment to the class at the leadership level, but most importantly making a commitment at some level!


Look forward to seeing you at the 30th, my best wishes to you and your family.


All the best,



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