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When Classmates appear on the Internet, either with their own websites or in news stories and other items of interest, I will link to that information from this page.  Suggestions welcome!  Send them along to secretary@tiger82.com and I will add them promptly.  Items will appear in blog style: newest at the top.


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Marcia DeSanctisStrangers on a TrainMarcia's column in the New York Times "Lives" sectionJuly, 2010
Marcia DeSanctisWhat the Psychic Knew
Marcia's column in "Modern Loves," also in the New York TimesMarch, 2012
Judi Greenwald
New York Times Op-ed by Joe Nocera
Discusses Judi's work at the Center for Climate and Energy SolutionsMarch 15, 2013
Susan Butler Mayer
Butler Card Company
Susan's paintings and drawings on note cardsIn business now!
Tom Eby
The Economist Technology Quarterly, article Altered States
Tom is leading the charge for a new kind of computer memory, faster, smaller and cheaper than any beforeAugust 30, 2012
David Huebner
David is the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, he writes in his blog about the United States, to explain our country to his hosts; you can also follow Dave on other social-media platforms:

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/davidhuebner
Instagram: http://instagram.com/davidhuebner
Twitter: @DavidHuebner
Facebook: DavidHuebner
Regularly updated since March 2010
Jessica Roemischer
Jessica's solo piano CD, for sale on CDBabyOriginal release September 2011
Christopher Austin
Director's Message
Chris is the new director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, part of the National Institutes of HealthSeptember 2012
Alison Holtzschue
Princeton Progressives
National organization of Princeton alumni supporting progressive causes, candidates and undergraduate effortsFounded in 2012
Bruce Reed Question-and-answer with Bruce on the Daily Princetonian online In concert with Bruce's panel appearance on campus for the 30th Reunion, the Prince did an extended interview June 1 2012
Michael Lewis What You (Really) Need to Know Larry Summers' Op-ed piece in the New York times where he mentions "Moneyball" and many other Princeton-related data points January 2012
Leslie Brunetta Personal web site tied to her new book

"The Evolution of Spider Silk." 
Published in 2010
Sandy Adams Watson
Sandy Watson Homes
Sandy has been a Realtor in the Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia area for the last ten years Ongoing
Jessica Roemischer
Piano Beautiful
Pianist, Composer, Transformational Advisor. Originator of The Piano Duet Paradigm, which empowers people of all backgrounds, including with disabilities. Ongoing
Ginny Brown
Ginny's Quilts
"Memory quilts" and hand-sewn art quilts She began in 2009
Alison Holtzschue
Computers Dot Mom
Alison's business helps "take the mystery and frustration out of using computers" Founded in 1998, recently expanded with workshops
The Football Team The New York Times and The Daily Princetonian Coverage of the great Yale game of our senior year November 14, 1981
Lisa Belkin The Huffington Post Lisa's new role as Senior Columnist on Life/Work/Family First post October 24, 2011
John Hutton
John Hutton Illustrator
John's work in painting and illustration, separate from his professorship at Salem College; don't miss the section of Princeton paintings! Launched in 2011
Mark Adelson At S&P, A Crusader for Tough Ratings Wall Street Journal article on Mark's work at Standard & Poor's as Chief Credit Officer, reforming their credit practices. October 5, 2011
David Tuttle
Ghana Children's Fund
David and his wife Lisa started the Fund to support the Good Shepherd Orphanage in Ghana, and help the 400 children living there Ongoing since 2007
John Barres Bishop John Barres Seems to Be Doing Things Right Our Class bishop gets good reviews after two years persiding in the Allentown diocese. July 10, 2011
Amy Snyder
Hell on Two Wheels Amy's new book, "An Astonishing Story of Suffering, Triumph, and the Most Extreme Endurance Race in the World" Published in April 2011, book tour this summer and fall
Martha McCully Martha McCully Dot Com Martha's personal & professional web site; she also blogs on Huffington Post Frequently updated
Mike Pardee The Boniuk Center Mike is the Executive Director of The Boniuk Center for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance at Rice University Appointed in 2010
Mark Waren Dramatic Risks Mark, a classmate, is the partner of Meg Patterson (see two rows below), and is creating a documentary on her fight against breast cancer April-June 2010
Claire Hurley Hertan SmartE Chinese Claire's business connecting US-based students of the Chinese language via the internet to native Chinese speakers who are students of English living in China March 2009 and ongoing
Meg Patterson '83 Meg Patterson Fund for Cancer Treatment Meg (originally '82) has many friends supporting her in her fight against breast cancer; you can donate directly through Give Forward March 31, 2010
Virginia Postrel A Power to Persuade, the Deeper Meaning of Glamour Her review, on the Weekly Standard, of two books on the power of glamour March 29, 2010
Larry Leibowitz Summit Notebook Larry Leibowitz, New York Stock Exchange Chief Operating Officer, interviewed by Reuters March 29, 2010
Jenny Rivera New York State Bar Association Kay Crawford Murray Award "Rivera Noted for Diversity Efforts, Legal Scholarship on Latina Issues, and Gender Equity Advocacy" January 2010
Wilson Ervin "From Bail-out to Bail-in" Co-author of an opinion piece in the "Economics Focus" section of The Economist, proposing an alternate approach to the problem of failed banks Jan 28, 2010 in print and online
Dale Caldwell School to Work to Success Link to Amazon.com for Dale's book, "A Practical Guide to Finding a Rewarding Career and Enjoying Life" Originally published in 2008
Steve Bachmann Vinfolio.com Press release announcing a venture-capital investment in his high-end online wine company September 2009
Albert Maguire "Gene Therapy Successful on a Blindness" in the Philadelphia Inquirer Article on Albert's work on reversing genetic vision disorders October 25, 2009
Bill Cheshire "Complete Recovery," story in the St. Augustine Record Bill's son Will, recovering smartly from a horrific car crash and now playing chamionship tennis again October 2009
Dan Goodman Recordings, Summer 2009 Listen online and download recordings of "The Adventures of Tom Thumb" (Ruth Crawford Seeger) and "Three Fairy Tales" (Soulima Stravinsky) Work in process, Summer & Fall 2009
Nancy Rappaport Her new book, In Her Wake Subtitled "A Child Psychiatrist Explores the Mystery of Her Mother's Suicide" August 2009
Hal Urschel His new book, Healing the Addicted Brain Published in concert with Enterhealth, an addiction treatment and recovery center; the book, treatment center and web site were featured on the Dr. Phil show here May 2009
Michael Tyler Siddur Shaar Zahav "The first complete prayer book to address the lives and needs of LGBTQ as well as straight Jews," Michael is committee chair and co-editor Published before the High Holy Days, 2009 [5769]
Maria Balinska The New York Times "Answers about the History of the Bagel" September 2, 2009
Virginia Postrel The Atlantic Monthly "...with Functioning Kidneys for All"  -- recent developments in transplantation, "donor chains" and ethical considerations.  Virginia donated one of her kidneys in 2006, she wrote about that experience here. July 9, 2009
Susan Margulies
University of Pennsylvania Susan's faculty information page
Craig Forman Craig's Blog Craig's personal blog Regular updates
John Barres Diocese of Allentown, PA John is the new Bishop of this diocese, clck here for the full press release Installation on July 30, 2009
Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky Pediatric Center News Anatoly's blog, focused on pediatrics and recently on swine flu; Anatoly's summary: "Don't worry, be happy."
Msgr. John Barres Pastoral Letter Father John is Chancellor of the Diocese of Wilmington and assisted Bishop Malooly in his most recent pastoral letter, "Mystic Chords of Memory in the 21st Century: Remembering President Lincoln on the Bicentennial of his Birth" February 12, 2009
Julie Hill Beck Wedding Announcement, New York Times Wedding to Bill Kraus Sunday, April 12 2009
Molly Hickok
Big Dance Theater Downtown dance & theater troupe of which Molly is a cofounder Schedule here
Sheldon Rampton Sheldon Rampton Personal web site
Bob Blakley

Ceci n'est pas un Bob

Bob's blog: "Musings on Security, Identity, Privacy, and Risk. And nice red uniforms."
Updated regularly
John Bailo
Brian Hansen
You Read It Here First Forum-site for their concept-exploration discussion of the Texeme Construct Updated frequently
Roy Oppenheim South Florida Law Blog Roy's blog for his law practice; and, follow him on Twitter here, or see his YouTube appearance here Updated regularly
Bob Massie '78 A letter from Gwen Feder '78, President of her Class Not a classmate but a fellow Tiger in a uniquely difficult situation
Jody Savin Nobel Son Website for Jody's latest movie In theaters now
Bruce Reed This is Our Moment Review of Bruce's re-issued book, "The Plan," co-written with Rahm Emanuel January 16, 2009
Michael Lewis
Review of Michael's new book, and, writing about the collapse of 2009, an opinion piece co-authored with David Einhorn, president of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital December 15, 2008 and January 4, 2009

Lisa Brown

The New Team: Lisa Brown, in The New York Times
Press release from the Obama transition team
Lisa's appointment as White House Staff Secretary, "the nerve center of the White House" according to the Times November 28, 2008
Maria Balinska
The Circle of Life with Bagels, in The New York Times Article on Maria and her new book, "The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread" November 25, 2008
Michael Lewis National Public Radio, Morning Edition Interviewed for his new book, "Panic: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity" November 25, 2008
Liza Mundy Liza Mundy Website for Liza's books "Michelle" (about Michelle Obama '85) and "Everything Conceivable"
Joel Achenbach Achenblog Joel's blog at The Washington Post Updated frequently
Bart Gellman Barton Gellman Personal website for Bart's articles and books, including his latest, "Angler" about Vice President Cheney
Parenting discussion group TigerNet Cited by Lisa as an inspiration for her blog Many updates per day
Lisa Belkin Motherlode Lisa's New York Times blog on "Parenting, children and parents"
Elephant's Eye Studio Tour Elephant's Eye Bucks County Artist Studio Tour (organized by Andy Cleff '82) May 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2009
Andy Cleff Ampersand Design Web site for Andy's design studio
Anaezi Modu ReBrand "The only expert-led resource focused exclusively
on brand transformations"
Priscilla Walsen Silverwear "Modern handmade jewelry designs of silver & stone by Rocky Mountain artist Priscilla Walsen" Updated all the time
Danny Gregory Everyday Matters Website for his five books, teaching, and his personal blog Updated all the time
Jody Savin Bottle Shock Movie website In theaters now
Bruce Reed Slate Magazine Bruce's Blog Updated all the time
Carter Roberts The New York Times "The Boss" column August 16, 2008
Mark Alpert Feld Thoughts, noted venture-capital blog Review of "Final Theory" by Mark July 14, 2008
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